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Fight Inflammation by naturally detoxing your liver

Liver Detox & Inflammation 🍊🫐🐟🥦🍵

Anyone that struggles with chronic inflammatory issues knows the struggle 🔥

There is a shift towards focusing on healthy liver function and proper detoxification seeing as the liver is what processes all toxins and nutrients alike from the stomach.

If your liver can’t successfully process toxins, this is what will cause a (negative) inflammatory response against the body.

The theory: Target a healthy liver and assist in the natural detoxification process = Less(er) inflammatory/autoimmune flare-ups and reactions.

This is a very easy process and only requires a shift in food/alcohol intake. This is a baby science study, but no harm would come to you by way of healthy eating regardless!

First priority: HYDRATION; yes water but also requires a salt content

Recommended Supplement to assist liver health: Milk Thistle/ Silybin Phyotosome

Foods proven to help detoxify your body based on antioxidant/polyphenol content:

  1. Citrus but ESPECIALLY grapefruit

  2. Berries but ESPECIALLY blackberries

  3. Cruciferous veggies

  4. Teas (green & herbal)

  5. Chamomile

  6. Chicory Root

  7. Turmeric

  8. Seaweed/Nori

  9. Fish Oil

  10. Much more!


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