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Game Day Grub: Healthy Eats

Embarking on a health journey does not mean forsaking all things fun or indulgent. In fact, to TRULY adopt PERMANENT changes for your health and weight, it's incredibly important to learn how to live flexibly.

This means continuing on with those beach days, visits to theme parks, sporting events, you name it. Food is a balance. IF you are working towards super intense health or weight-loss goals, stick to your guns by coming prepared with your own nutrient dense snacks, or learn about the options available that are perfectly fine or "not as bad". By changing your habits and increasing your knowledge surrounding food, you gift yourself flexibility, freedom, and empowerment.

According to Emily Monaco, (writer for Organic Authority), Petco Park Stadium, home of our San Diego Padres, was among the first of ten stadiums nationwide to begin sustainable food practices. Specific to Petco itself, they have TONS of healthful options in the Seaside Market, Bluewater Seafood, and lighter offerings in Negihama Sushi.

An easy thing to do is bring some snacks of your own when you aren't sure. Some easy pantry snacks I would recommend are:

  1. Fresh or dried fruit. Just make sure that dried fruit isn't filled with added sugars!

  2. Popcorn. Yes! Popcorn! Maybe just popped in better oil, and lighter doses of that salt and butter.

  3. Beef jerky or meat sticks.

  4. Protein bars light on sugar and with WHEY protein.

  5. Nuts lighter on salt.

  6. Liquid IV: Stay focused and hydrated


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