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Rest or Push?

To REST 🧘🏻‍♀️or to PUSH🏋🏻‍♀️?

We sometimes get wrapped around this question and *usually*, we know the right answer.

While it’s very important to ensure you’re getting proper recovery, it’s also important to push past your limits 👊🏻and exceed your expectations of yourself. 📈⏱️

So, how to tell the difference?

Signs and symptoms to pay attention 👀 to:

1: Chronic Fatigue

2: Dreading exercise

3: Heavy, sore, or tired for several days

4: No physical benefits

5: Depressive/irritable mood swings

These are all signs your body needs REST & RECOVERY😴💧

These signs and symptoms however:

1: Choosing bad habits over your good ones

2: Giving in to the middday energy crash

3: Letting a bad day deter you from your goals

4: Giving in to that internal debate

Are all obstacles you should PUSH PAST. ✅🏁

Body awareness is key!!! Check in with yourself daily. Modify your activity based on your needs. Stick to your goals. And respect your body enough to give it what it needs, when it needs it 🫶🏻


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