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The Snapback!

The SnapBack is my method for “bouncing back” after enjoying vacation, going on travel, or just loosening up on a weekend home.

I typically utilize most of these tips on a regular weekday basis, however I combine a structured schedule of habits that help my body detox, recover, and rebuild strength-wise without causing *negative* damage.

“Bouncing back” has a negative connotation, and I really want to emphasize the importance of AVOIDING negative methods in an attempt to lose weight quickly. These are not the same thing!

Additionally, when I use the phrase “detox”, I never mean using juice cleanses or weird pills. My methods will always be science-based using whole food, herbs, and the combination of these practices that work best.


1. Daily walks/running has become a very effective tool for me too

2. Sticking to smaller portions. This enables me to eat what everyone else eats!

3. Intuitive fasting. Don’t just eat because it’s breakfast time. Wait until your body is giving you legitimate hunger signs. Especially helpful after eating a big/late dinner!

4. HIIT focused workouts. These are proven to encourage weight loss and burn fat faster.

5. SLEEP! For the love of God, just go to bed and let your body rest.

Some additional tips:

1. Foods high in antioxidants and polyphenols to help that natural detoxing

2. Stay hydrated

3. PATIENCE getting back to your lifts. Start with dropset, free-weight workouts and work your way back to the heavy stuff

4. Incorporate active recovery days with core training and stretch


1. Significantly reduce portions to the point of starvation

2. Significantly restrict certain foods

3. Overdo it working out as a form of punishment

4. Severely strict “detox” methods


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